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Sara Dann is a 7 figure business coach who helps business owners SHOW UP and BLOW UP online. As an entrepreneur for over ten years, she has helped thousands of women learn how to unapologetically monetize their brilliance through her signature programs and podcast. I’ve been stalking her online for years and have loved her take no prisoners to approach to tough love coaching, and the honest conversations she has in her own communities. 

Today we had an amazing conversation on reinvention and how it can be a disservice to ourselves as women and business owners. We get on our soapboxes about the things men don’t think about or have to deal with, and the over-complications we tend to self-sabotage ourselves with. We also really dove into why living a life of simplicity is better than living one of constant business and chasing after someone else’s dreams.  

Make Money Doing What You Love

Sara started out as a marketing coordinator, working a 9-5 and not totally loving what she was doing. She got to a point of wondering – is this it? Is this really all that work has to offer? 

She then left her full-time job to do freelance marketing working for all kinds of businesses. Once she started finding people like Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, and Melanie Duncan, the whole world of online marketing was opened up to her and her business really took off. 

Now, she’s passionate about women being able to make money doing what they love. Her training and courses exist to help women do just that. 

Helping women get into the marketplace 

I asked Sara about the women that she works with and some of the common threads she has found between them. What are women struggling with the most?  Some of the common things she has found with her clients are:

  • Women who were raised to achieve instead of receive.
  • Women are working so much harder than they realize.
  • Women are so focused on hitting a goal instead of feeling into what they actually want for their business. 

Helping to change these mindsets has been part of Sara’s own healing journey and she loves that she can take her clients along with her. 

We talk about how in business, it’s not just about doing. If it doesn’t come from an inspired place or genuine passion/purpose, it falls short.

What Sara has realized is that for the women she works with, it’s not about confusion or being unsure. It’s that they haven’t given themselves permission to say what they want to say. As women, we have so many different things on our plates. We over-complicate things, we over worry, and we overlook ourselves. 

We talk about how easy it is to be distracted by what other people are doing, because there are so many things that we could do. But, just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Sara has come to realize that every time she chooses not to do things that she doesn’t want to do, it works out better. 

Showing Up In Your Business 

Above all else, Sara is known for showing up. When I asked her if she ever struggles with showing up, she shares how she tries to show up from a place of want instead of a place of need. 

“It took a while to understand that showing up when I want to is 5x better than showing up when I don’t want to.”

When we don’t show up, it’s very rarely out of laziness. It’s usually out of fear. Fear of doing something new. Fear of failing. That fear can be overwhelming.  

“If I want to make money consistently, and I want to make money online, I accept that part of it and do it from a place of desire instead of a place of need.”

Things Women Struggle With That Men Just Don’t Get

We got on our soapboxes for a while about the things men don’t think about or have to deal with, ranging from the time it takes us to get ready to feelings of worthiness, fear of being cocky, and the pressure to reinvent ourselves. 

We talk about how men have a vibe of inherent worthiness, but for women, we constantly think about needing to change who we are, heal this, heal that. We have a feeling that we need to be different to get what we want. We’re afraid to come across as cocky, so we don’t own who we are and what we deserve. 

Does this hit home for any of you? It resonated with me, big time. Even the small example of the pressure women have to constantly reinvent their look and be “exciting” to look at. Men don’t have that pressure! This all translates in so many ways in business settings. 

“If you’re not going to own who you are and why you deserve what you deserve, who the hell else is going to?” 

Simplifying & Aligning Our Priorities  

As women, and as business owners operating in an online space, we so often are adjusting ourselves to imitate others. When we come back to ourselves, when we simplify our life, when we stop chasing… that’s when the doors start to open. 

It’s easy to compare ourselves based on the numbers. But, we can get put into panic mode instead of purpose mode when we have these goals that we aren’t achieving that we think we should (like specific revenue goals). 

It’s not about the WHAT, it’s about the WHY. What’s the purpose behind your goals? What ACTUALLY matters to you in life? 

Choose the things that matter and sprinkle the rest of your life around them. 

Connect with Sara Dann

This episode with Sara was so powerful, make sure to tune into the full show on Apple & Spotify! You can connect with Sara on her website and make sure to follow her on Instagram @thesaradann for honest conversations about all things business. 

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