It all started with a pile of Fashion Magazines and a love affair with my Grandmother's jewelry.

My entire childhood was looking for ways to escape and flee into my own world. I'd spend hours flipping the pages of magazines and books dreaming of getaways, home design, clothing I'd own, businesses I'd run... never realizing that one day Id make my own dreams come true. 

My Grandmother Bev was my entire world.
Not only did she shelter me from the storms of life and home, but she taught me to believe in myself, my ability to accomplish anything I wanted, and also to appreciate the stories that people have to share. She was a larger than life,  loud Italian personality, and the most kind and approachable person I ever knew. 

She knew how to make people feel seen, loved, and heard, she knew how to make them smile and how to truly connect. She remembered names and faces … and she was a great tipper. Those years watching and learning how to treat people, how to turn strangers into friends, and how to make others feel valued became a core part of who I am today, and an ethical pilar in every business Ive ever owned.

Some people love collecting things. I love collecting people. 
*in a non creepy way [obviously]

I believe in connecting to humanity over online personas. Helping you grow, strengthen your relationship to self, and thrive
in business and life. 

Crafting education around strategic planning, foundational principles and long term growth is my passion.

What I'm 


I've never met a donut I don't like, an oreo I won't eat, or an ocean I won't sit by for hours. Currently finding joy in the small things I was missing before. 

What I'm 


That "arriving" is a state of mind. Growth isn't linear, and my relationship to myself deeply impacts my relationship with others. That being a mom of 4 from a small town doesn't make me any less worthy of success.

What I'm 

not about

Disillusioned heiracarys in leadership, cliques and only helping others in them, pretending any of us knows ALL the answers, not taking ownership for our failures.

what I


Sharing our stories, being vulnerable and being willing to be seen as we are creates stronger connections in our life, and endears the right people to us as the right times. 



the podcast

My mission is simple, connect us to each other with honest, inspiring and raw conversations about the journeys we are all on together. Helping you live a meaningful life full of growth and human connection. 

episodes & More

Editorial Photography

Looking through old photos as a child and talking about the stories behind them has shaped me into the creative I am today. I know photos are a visual inheritance, something that will outlive us and the people we love. I know that even though my heart, and the artist in me, will turn everything into something visually beautiful that isn’t JUST what the photo is about. It's about the stolen glances, the private moments you didn’t think I'd see, the fragments of life and happiness that shine outward, and the unique heartfelt emotions that make your story or brand unique.

Ive had a camera in my hand since I was 13, and have been blessed to be a full time editorial photographer for over 10 years now, documenting brands, couples and people worldwide.

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I help entrepreneurs dream big and back it with an action plan.

Custom guided, exclusive private coaching available through application only,  join me in the group coaching Powerstart Program, or a destination mastermind retreat. 

As a small business owner for nearly 2 decades Im committed to helping you avoid the pitfalls I learned the hard way, and believe me, I learned everything the hard way.  I won't pretend to know everything, but my tried true and proven programs are available to help you get out of your own way, get clear on the direction you're taking, and to set you up for success. 

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Extending the Life Cycle of a Creative

Im proud to have created a carefully curated community filled with creative business owners and photographers from around the world. Focused on immersive learning experiences online, and through live events around the globe.

For those of you in need of true authentic connection, clarity, community, empowerment and a constant reminder of the power within... not only giving you the tools you need to craft a strong business, but the support to craft a beautiful life. 

This is where are all your new friends are at.

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Let's chat! If you're interested in booking me to speak at your next event or podcast episode, email my team at hello@thelandlockedmermaid.com or request my media kit below. 

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Clear up your business confusion with my free workbook. 

Feeling Lost and Overwhelmed by Choices? 
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Let me be honest with you… you're not going anywhere without a roadmap guiding you. A roadmap meets you where you are NOW and helps you get to where you want to go & plan how you’re going to get there. Let me help chart that course. 

Ten Tricks for Better Insta Photos

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