are you an overwhelmed ENTREPRENEUR? 

Let me help you back those dreams with a plan of action.

Are you multi-passionate, creative, and hard working… but feel like you aren’t getting the results you’ve been looking for? My super power is filtering through your lists and creating a plan of action, lets go! 


But if you're anything like me, you need help to take all the ideas in your head  and game plan it out. You just want someone to tell you what works and what doesn't and how to fit it all together.

I know what it's like to dream big and have absolutely no idea how to bring any of it into fruition. Most of us have so many ideas floating around that its hard to focus on one thing before the next. 

Not only can I help you create clarity and a solid roadmap, but I can help you back the plan with implementation steps and a marketing plan. 

About Jamie and her expertise

Hey! Im Jamie. My mission is to help you not only make more money but do it without sacrificing things you love... like your sanity. 

I've run multiple successful companies over the past 17 years. I’m able to travel, be generous to my family, and truly LOVE my life. And it all happened because I stopped running my business on momentum and started running it with purpose.

It’s been my JOY to teach my approach to hundreds of students who wanted to better organize their business and life. This is the most powerful way I can personally help you turn your dreams into reality. 

I want you to know what’s possible, so you can not only be profitable beyond years past, but be organized, better focused, excited for the future, focused, and giving energy where energy is deserved. 

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"I just hit 300k for the first time EVER in a calendar year... during a pandemic!"

Your coaching is what set it off for me to find my sweet spot, bumped my confidence to attract the clients I needed, and inspired me to work my ass off and get into gear. I’m literally BAWLING right now, we’re paying off the house, buying an investment, and able to put money into places we have never been able to do before. I want everyone to experience this freedom!

Brit Nicole 

"Jamie shook me to my core..."

I knew private coaching was going to change the course of my business, I just didn’t realize the earthquake that would happen. Jamie shook me to my core and I found out A LOT about myself and where I actually wanted to go in this industry, and it wasn’t the path I initially signed up for. I realized my heart and passion was to educate others and to help guide them to successful businesses by finding the root problems and fixing it.

Renae Jael

"Working with Jamie has completely opened my eyes to the power that exists within me and my business."

 I had no idea how differently I could scale within a traditional business plan. There were SO many things I was missing and wasn’t even aware I needed. Those simple hacks increased my business 3x in 3 months.

Heather Aleen 

I help entrepreneurs dream big and back it with an action plan.

Custom guided, exclusive private coaching available through application only.

As a small business owner for nearly 2 decades Im committed to helping you avoid the pitfalls I learned the hard way, and believe me, I learned everything the hard way. I won't pretend to know everything, but my tried true and proven programs are available to help you get out of your own way, get clear on the direction you're taking, and to set you up for success. 


Private Coaching

The Powerstart

How clarify the problem and the exact solution

You'll learn: My unique perspective and framework for creating order in your life

Time blocking to give you back the freedom you’re looking for

How to identify which areas of your business your best at, which problems it solves, and what sets you apart

Define and refine your core products

Figure out where your dream clients/consumers are coming from

Attract customers with clear branding, and review to make sure brand trust exists from A-Z

Map out where you’re sitting now and now to get where you want to go

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Sign up for a free 30 minute coaching session with Jamie.

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Who I help

desiring to live out their dreams and have meaningful lives


feeling uninspired and/or riding the momentum wave without a plan


that are overwhelmed, directionless, burned out


DESPERATELY trying to keep up with ever changing fads


needing laser focus on thier goals and many ideas

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