Free up your Time with This One Business Hack: How to Start Using Honeybook


As a small business owner, managing your business can be a challenge. If you’re looking for an easier way to keep track of client inquiries, projects and payments, then Honeybook CRM is the perfect solution. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, so it’s easy to get started! Let’s talk about how you can get the most out of this powerful CRM and how to start using Honeybook today!

Honeybook CRM makes it easy to manage every aspect of your business from one central location. You can easily add clients, store their contact information, track conversations with them and even send invoices for payment. Honeybook also offers tools for creating custom contracts and booking forms that make it easy to quickly onboard new customers. Plus, you can even set up automated reminders so you don’t miss important deadlines or deliverables. This makes staying organized effortless!  

Organize Your Contacts & Clients 

We love that you can easily and effortlessly embed your contact form into your website which streamlines your workflow. The option to have a URL link to your contact form is always handy for adding into your social media profiles and directing traffic exactly where they need to be.  

Once your contacts fill out the contact form, their information is stored in Honeybook and added to the pipeline where you can trace their journey through your brand. 

Having the option to add milestones on the pipeline that are custom to your business brand makes things easy for you to customize the workflow so that it works for you. In this example, we added “mentoring inquiry” as well as “consultation scheduled”.

Keep Track Of Your Projects & Deadlines 

No more sticky notes on sticky notes or frantic text messages sent late at night asking if anything needs to be updated or changed in a project before its due date. With Honeybook’s Project Management system, you can keep track of all upcoming projects within one central location and make updates quickly & easily when needed. Plus, set reminders for yourself so that nothing slips through the cracks! 

Invoicing Made Simple 

Sending invoices doesn’t have to be complicated anymore. With Honeybook you can create exactly what you need for each client in just minutes! Each invoice you create contains an itemized list of services/products offered as well as the prices associated with them. You can also choose how much time they have before the invoice is due and provide the method of payment accepted (i.e., credit card, PayPal). Once completed, simply hit send and voila! Your invoice is on its way! You even get notified when it has been viewed by your client so that you know they received it!   One of the bonus things about using Honeybook to invoice is that you can toggle auto pay on so that once the due date hits, they automatically get billed- no more chasing clients down for payment! 

Time-Saving Tools 

The templates and the automations available within Honeybook mean less time for you spent at your computer!  You can save your packages, questionnaires, emails, contracts and other smart files to be reused over and over! 

The automation tools offered by Honeybook are incredibly helpful when it comes to saving time too.. For example, you can create automated emails that will be sent out to clients when they book your services. This eliminates the need for you to manually email each person individually – which saves tons of time! You can also set up automated follow-up emails that will remind clients if they haven’t responded or paid yet. This helps keep the conversation going without needing any additional input from you. 

One of the ways that we use the automation tool is combined with the contact forms. We have a drop down of different options for why someone is getting in touch and depending on their response, a different automated email will go out. For example, if they select they are getting in touch for branding images, my branding proposal will go to them automatically which includes my packages that they can choose from which will automatically generate an invoice and payment options. Oh and then once they pay, you can send out another email thanking them and even giving them a link to your availability to book! 


There are plenty of other ways for you to customize your workflow in order to make it more efficient and streamline processes as well. By taking advantage of these features, you’ll be able to save lots of time that would otherwise be spent on tedious tasks like manually sending out emails or tracking down unpaid invoices. Geesh- it almost sounds too easy to run your business nowadays, hey!?

Honeybook CRM is an incredibly valuable tool for photographers who want an easier way to manage their businesses without sacrificing quality or customer service. From automating tedious tasks like client onboarding and reminder emails, to customizing your workflow so that everything runs smoothly – there are plenty of ways for you to get the most out of this powerful tool! So what are you waiting for? 

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xo Jamie

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