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Welcome to the first official episode of Raw with the Landlocked Mermaid! This has been a long time in the making. Im both nervous and excited to be starting this. It feels sort of surreal. I’ve talked about this for years, kept waiting for that perfect moment to start… and guess what, there is no perfect moment, so here I am… at a completely new juncture in my life {in literally every possible way that could be true}, and starting a podcast in the middle of it all.

Let me tell you a little bit about how this came to be … 5 years ago, I was working in Thailand when I had an unplanned major life pivotal moment {generally how they go}. Here I was in this beautiful country, photographing beautiful content, surrounded by awesome humans I loved; on the set of Marie Claire, shooting Chanel, it was a dream… or it should have been, but I was so off. So so off. I couldn’t pinpoint why. I wasn’t sure why I was feeling so empty… sad, out of sorts.

I knew from the outside, my life looked perfect. I was traveling all over, taking photographs for brands and couples worldwide. I had worked really hard for this life, I was living my version of “the dream.” My company Evolve (an international educational company for creatives) was growing at a crazy fast pace, I had my dream home, I was making a great income year after year, I had 4 awesome kids I adored, I felt healthy, my friends were amazing … But I just felt unsettled. Unfulfilled, lost, confused.

Despite how I was feeling, I kept posting on social media and making my world look perfect {because that’s what I did}, that’s how I was raised, and it worked because everyone was messaging me all kinds of praise for the “big things” that I was doing. And I just thought man, I have them all fooled, if they only knew how I really felt right now. What my life is actually like emotionally, how much I still struggle despite all the “success”.

Jamie Findlay in thailand

That’s the moment I realized: I can’t be the only person showing up online as an incomplete version of myself.

I’ve spent the past decade teaching and leading a community of thousands of creatives and entrepreneurs, I’ve hired the best of the best leaders to speak on my stages, and I’ve had this thought many, many, many times…

If only the people listening to them could know them the way I know them, to really see their hearts, to know their stories, to fall in love with them as a human, not just as their persona…

Fast forward about five years, and that’s how RAW WITH THE LANDLOCKED MERMAID came to be. I’m not just asking my guests to get real with you, I’m committing to letting you into my world in a very real, raw, and vulnerable way as well. It’s going to be hard, I’m not going to lie.

RAW WITH THE LANDLOCKED MERMAID is an extension of my personal quest to uncover the honest sides of entrepreneurship, and all of the challenges, joys, and ah-ha moments that come with it. We will have unfiltered conversations with visionaries and leaders from all walks of life as we explore business strategy, the path to success, overcoming setbacks, growth, trauma, healing, and everything in between. I want to arm you not only with the tools for business success, but to motivate you with relatable stories of those just like you who have done it too.

I’m so tired of the hierarchy of leadership. Everyone showing up with polished finished products. I’m so much more interested in the real stories of how people got there.

This is truly going to be a journey, and I’m grateful you’re here for it with me. Make sure to tune in on Apple, Spotify, and anywhere you get your podcasts for a dose of raw vulnerability each and every week.

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