How Vulnerability Saved Him From Addiction

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Shaun Austin Gordon – successful entrepreneur, long-time friend. He is the visionary, founder, and CEO of Kiss Books, has shot around 500 weddings in a 15-year career as a photographer. Most recently, he has really leaned into his personal brand BKMU (said as “become you”), where he focuses on daily practices to be a better version of yourself.

Today he shares a deeply personal story that up until just a year or so ago he couldn’t even say out loud. He talks about how his life came crashing down on him one day and how vulnerability saved him from addiction, saved his business and his marriage, and changed the way he does business.

It’s a truly great conversation about how introducing vulnerability into your life not only increases the connection to those that matter, but how being vulnerable with yourself can also change your life trajectory.

We discuss how honesty impacts our lives not just with those around us, but the way it can change our lives when we are truly honest with ourselves. Most of us settle for a level of despair and call it happiness.

The antidote? Becoming brutally honest. As Shaun puts it, brutal honesty is the most direct path to the future that you want, and the person you want to be.

A huge thank you to Shaun for showing up and getting vulnerable with me today. Follow the links below to stay in touch with Shaun:

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