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Are you tired of the constant pressure to hustle and grind in order to achieve success in your business? Do you feel burnt out and unable to enjoy the life you’ve created? This is the topic that Alora Rachelle and I dive into in today’s podcast, and it’s one that is so relevant to entrepreneurs. 

Alora is a wedding photographer turned marketing coach who believes that mindset, marketing, and sales are the key foundations to growing a profitable business. She is passionate about scaling business without the hustle & burnout. We talk about the pandemic and the way it shifted her perspective on hustle culture, how we can avoid it now, and why money doesn’t always equal happiness. We also talk about the importance of not doing things for the wrong reasons and how she had to search within herself after experiencing constant burnout as a wedding photographer. 

Learning to Let People In

As someone who has been an overachiever all her life, Alora felt like she often led with her achievements rather than her authentic self. This made her feel safe in allowing people to see only one side of her, but it also hindered her ability to fully connect with others on a personal level.

Alora’s journey of self-discovery began when she got married and became a mother and realized that her old way of presenting herself wasn’t sustainable if she wanted to deepen her relationships and feel more fulfilled in her personal life. She had to change the way she allowed people to see her and learn to let them in. But it wasn’t easy, as Alora admitted to having severe trust issues that made it hard for her to open up.

We also talk about how having a personal brand makes it even more challenging to filter what you do and don’t want to share on social media, and how to balance your personal and professional personas. It’s not easy to let people in, but it’s essential if you want to build deeper relationships and feel more fulfilled in your personal and professional life. 

Money Doesn’t Equal Happiness

Society tells us that success equals money and that money equals happiness. Many entrepreneurs chase the dream of six or seven figures only to arrive and find burnout, instead of happiness. This was the road that Alora found herself down after she had her daughter, and it ultimately sparked her career change from wedding photographer to educator. 

Her business was exploding, she was finally making the six figure dream that everyone talks about, but she was so burnt out. She had a newborn daughter, and felt like her whole life was in shambles. She had money, but couldn’t enjoy it. She couldn’t take summer vacation or spend time with family and friends. 

It wasn’t until Covid brought weddings to a complete standstill that she finally got to go to the beach and have an actual summer with her daughter, who was now two. The pandemic brought on a  huge awakening within herself that her business model wasn’t sustainable and it wasn’t the way she wanted to live any longer. 

I can relate to Alora’s experience on so many levels. You may not know this, but for years I owned a clothing company. It was my dream for so long, it’s what I went to school for, but once I had it I realized that it wasn’t actually what I wanted. It consumed my life and left me with no time for the things that truly mattered, like spending time with my children.

The constant hustle of running that business was not sustainable or fulfilling. I eventually sold my company and went all-in on photography, which gave me the time freedom I was looking for. 

Redefining Your Idea of Success 

Alora and I talk about how important it is to continually redefine success for ourselves, and to be willing to admit when things we thought we wanted aren’t working out. It’s okay to pivot and change course when we realize that our current path is no longer serving us. 

For Alora, success now means finding ways to cheat time, to delegate tasks, and create workflows so that she can have time for the things that matter. She has found that by letting go of the hoarding mentality of trying to do everything herself, she is gaining time and creating positive experiences for others.

How to Create a Business That Is Authentic to You

Alora gives so many great tips on how to create a business that is aligned with the way you want to live and that is authentic to your personal definition of success. 

  • Start with why: Ask yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. Dig deep and figure out every reason why you’re doing it, what you love, what you don’t love, what lights you up, and what doesn’t.
  • Do a yearly check-in: Set aside time each year to check in with yourself and see if you’re still aligned with your goals and values. If you feel like you’re slipping away, ask yourself why.
  • Work on your mindset: Mindset is crucial when it comes to creating a business that feels true and authentic to oneself. If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s hard to succeed. Self-correct and conquer negative thoughts by asking yourself, “Why not me?”
  • Develop skills: Don’t be afraid to learn new things and develop new skills. You’re capable of learning anything you set your mind to.

Remember, the worst thing that people can say is no. Don’t be afraid to take risks and go for what you want. Believe in yourself and trust the process.

Connect with Alora Rachelle 

You can connect with Alora on her podcast Hello CEO, by following her on Instagram at @alora.rachelle, or join her program the Wedding CEO.

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