4 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness Without Social Media 


Before you read, hear me out… It’s no secret that social media is the go-to choice for promoting yourself and your brand. But what if social media mentally exhausts you, drains you, wears you out… causes major imposter syndrome every time you log in? What if social media is a platform that you just don’t feel is aligned with you and your brand anymore? What if you just need a break? Does that mean you can’t boost brand awareness and build your business without it? Nooooo…Of course not!

While social media most definitely has its place in a solid marketing strategy, often we are in a position where we want to continue to serve our community while building our brand OFF social media. Whether you’re looking to avoid social media altogether or just keep your brand and business energized {and profitable} while taking a little social media break, here are four tips on how to continue to build brand awareness even when you’re avoiding social media.

1. Networking Events

Guess what? What’s worked for thousands of years still works today. You may not be able to use social media, but you can certainly take advantage of face-to-face meetings. Attend events and conferences in your industry or honestly just locally, and make sure to bring a stack of business cards with you. Actually, my new fav tool is dot cards. Not only will this help people remember who you are, but it will give them an easy way to contact you in the future.

People still get together all the time. Evolve Workshops holds conferences, workshops, and content building shoots yearly around the globe, but if traveling isn’t in your near future, look for local opportunities to connect with other and make some new friends.

2. Word of Mouth

We all know the power of word of mouth advertising, so why not put it to work for you? Ask friends, family members, past clients, and colleagues if they can help spread the word about your business and what you offer. It can feel awkward coming out and asking for help when it comes to your business, but chances are high that your community is more than happy to tell others about you, just ask! Most business sustainability actually comes from repeat customers and those they refer to you, so don’t skip this step.

3. Create Great Content

Quality content speaks volumes about your brand, so make sure that everything you produce reflects well on your business. That doesn’t mean it has to look like everyone else’s… it simply has to reflect well on who YOU are, the type of clients you’re hoping to attract, and has a message about how you’re going to serve them, and serve them well.

One of my favorite ways to reach my audience is through newsletters. Building an email list and sending out valuable content keeps them connected to me, and keeps my name on their mind.

Whatever works best for your industry – just make sure that it is high quality material that will leave people wanting more, and coming back for it.

4. Use Traditional Advertising

Don’t forget about traditional forms of advertising such as radio or TV commercials, print publications, flyers, trade shows, etc. I recently got a postcard in the mail from a local photographer and thought it was perfect, and likely even more affordable than taking out targeted Facebook advertising.

Building brand awareness doesn’t have to involve social media. With some creativity and hard work, anyone can increase their visibility without ever having to log into a single website or app. Don’t be afraid to get creative with traditional methods such as networking events or word-of-mouth referrals as well as explore cost-effective options such as creating great content and using traditional advertising methods like radio or TV commercials or print publications.

By combining these strategies together, photographers and creative entrepreneurs alike can easily increase their reach and build their brands without relying solely on social media presence!

P.S. I’m a HUGE fan of using social media authentically. If you’re intimidated… start by just saying hey! And if you want to connect with me, you can find me at @thelandlockedmermaid

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