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Multi-passionate entrepreneur Jamie Findlay is on a quest to uncover the honest side of entrepreneurship, and all the challenges, joys, and ah-ha moments that come with it. Join her for unfiltered, honest conversations each week that seek to dismantle the traditional path to the top and motivate you with relatable stories of people just like you who have found success on their own terms. 

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this is raw.

Pull up a seat at the table and prepare for a dose of raw vulnerability, life lessons, and inspiration. I’m Jamie Findlay (aka The Landlocked Mermaid), and I've spent the past decade teaching and leading a community of thousands of creatives and entrepreneurs. I have hired the best of the best leaders to speak on my stages, and I've had this thought many many many times…

If only the people listening to them could know them the way I know them, to really see their hearts, to know their stories, to fall in love with them as a human, not just their persona… And that’s how RAW was born.  

RAW is an extension of my personal quest to uncover the honest sides of entrepreneurship through unfiltered conversations with the visionaries and leaders we all know and love. We’ll explore business strategy, the path to success, overcoming setbacks, growth, trauma, healing, and everything in between. No topic is off limits! 

My hope is that as you listen to these episodes and conversations you’ll feel less alone, feel connected, feel seen. I hope you leave feeling empowered by those who have come before you, and who’ve come from similar circumstances. I want you to be encouraged to own the imperfect parts of yourself, and find inspiration on your own journey for wholeness, whether inside your business or your personal life. 

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Jamie Findlay

Hey friends! I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, editorial photographer, mom of 4, and a donut connoisseur. This is a rare opportunity for me to welcome you into my life. To give you real-time access to my thoughts and feelings, to talk with you about the lessons I'm still learning, and to allow you to see the RAW honest side of me and the journey I'm on with you all. 

That doesn’t mean just the shiny persona you see on stages or on social; I'm talking about the moments of despair as well as the high highs… I'm not just asking my guests to get real with you, I'm commited to letting you into my world in a very real, raw, and vulnerable way as well.

“People get lost in becoming someone other than themselves when they spend too much time in the presence of those that don’t bring out the best in them.”

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